Gurdas Maan


The Living Legend Gurdas Maan is set to return to Wembley Arena once again with his forthcoming tour labelled ‘Ishq Da Giddha’ - UK Tour 2013.

UK Box Office who have been the sole promoters of Gurdas Maan since 2005 are once again proud to bring the doctorate honoured Punjabi superstar revered by millions as a true icon to the Wembley Arena.

Gurdas Maan said that ‘ I am looking forward to my UK tour which is appropriately named ‘Ishq Da Giddha’, I am extremely excited and have a few surprises for my fans, there has been a huge emphasis on my all-time favourite songs therefore I am well under way and preparing to deliver these items, the saying old is gold is what comes to mind and will be the main focus of this tour with a few new numbers from my new album which is due for release very soon. The UK audience give me so much love that I don’t feel that I am abroad but very much at home’.

‘Bigger and Better is what comes to mind. Once again, UK Box Office has the privilege to promote the one and only ‘Gurdas Maan,’ Mr Jagjit Suman Director of UK Box Office said.

The stage king is renowned for his power packed performances who unlike many delivers a non-stop three hour show.


Times: Doors 6.30pm / Show 8pm / End 11pm - all times approx and subject to change


Kirpan Information for the Sikh Community

The management of Wembley Arena in consulation with the Sikh Council of the UK have confirmed that Amritdhari Sikhs can wear their Kirpans to events. A risk assessment was undertaken and in order to mitigate the perceived or real risk to the public Wembley Arena requires that:

1. Only an Amritdhari Sikh will be allowed to wear a Kirpan into the Arena
2. The Kirpan must not be visible to the public and should be worn underneath the clothes whilst at the Arena.
3. The Kirpan must be secure in the strap and a particular size. The blade length can be up to 4 inches and the full length with the sheath should not exceed 6 inches.
4. The Sikhs wearing Kirpans are encouraged to declare it and undergo security searches along with other attendees.
5. The Arena will refuse entry to anyone who exceeds their stipulated size limit or refuses to wear the Kirpan underneath their clothes.

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